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Helping Existing and New Businesses Grow & Prosper


Free consulting and free or low-cost training

Consulting Services

No-Cost, Confidential Consulting

Our consultants care about your growth. With a variety of business expertise on our team, we can help you in nearly every area of your business, whether you’re just getting started or are already in business. The best part? It’s at no cost to you (under a few conditions, of course). Here’s our consulting process:

We match you with consultants whose expertise meets your needs. Prior to meeting with a consultant for the first time, all start-ups one year of less in business must attend a start-up webinar.  Webinars are listed under our training tab (or link here).  After attending, you may request a consulting appointment:

The SBDC’s free and confidential consulting is by appointment either in-person or virtual.  Many small business owners may be in need of tips for recovery and resiliency during the pandemic.  Strategic planning is a must.  Contact the SBDC today!

At your first session, we will help you set goals and determine which combination of consultants,training and programs will get you there. Gather a list of questions or topics you’d like to discuss. We’ll be dedicated to your success, and in return we expect you to be prepared and on time to consulting appointments and classes. Here are a few of the areas our consultants can help you set goals for:


Market Research and Analysis
Business Planning
Registration and Licensing
Funding Sources
Cash Flow Projections
Accounting Systems
Building the Business Model


Cash Flow Analysis
Marketing and Sales
Social Media
Website Review
Business Plan Review
Financial Analysis
Capital Formation
Strategic Planning
Certifications and Contracting


Financial Analysis
Capital Formation
Employee Growth
Exit Strategies
Community Engagement

We expect growth from our clients. We have an advanced online system that allows you to track your progress. On an annual basis, we report aggregated client data to show the strength of our small business community so we can continue to provide you with affordable and no-cost services. To update your business statistics along the way, view upcoming appointments, register for appointments and more, sign-in to your client dashboard. We also invite you to tell us your story.  “We feel that starting up slowly and receiving help from the SBDC along the way, we established a solid foundation from which to grow financially in the coming years.” — Petersen Glass, Parker, CO


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