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Biz Tune-Up

The SBDC Biz Tune-Up Program targets businesses with two to twenty employees, the initiative is aimed at developing and growing existing businesses in the Aurora and South Metro communities. This program is offered at no cost and funded in part by the SBA and community sponsors. 

The Biz Tune-Up Program offers three key elements:
  1. Annual Assessment
    Confidential, one-on-one consulting session with an experienced SBDC business consultant to assess the following areas of your business: operations, human resources, sales and marketing, and your business' financial condition (Value: $250/hr)
  2. Website Review and Feedback
    Website analysis by experienced SBDC marketing consultant to provide feedback on functionality, userability, search engine optimization, etc. (Value: $250/hr)
  3. ProfitCents Financial Analysis
    The SBDC financial consultant will complete and submit a review of your financials to provide you with an analysis of your current and future financial picture. A one-on-one consultation will help you integrate the information for a healthy financial future (Value: $500)

This SBDC Biz Tune-Up program is offered at NO CHARGE to you at a value of approximately $1,850 or more!

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