GradePower Learning

GradePower Learning

Robert and Olga Mead, the owners of GradePower Learning, started out with a vision to help build children’s confidence and self-esteem.  They found an opportunity to do that not only through tutoring students, but also in teaching them how to learn.  The LEADING EDGETM Strategic Planning Series was the perfect tool for Olga to test her business model.  She graduated from LEADING EDGETM in 2015 and continued on as a client at the Aurora-South Metro SBDC.  Not wanting to reinvent the wheel, the Meads obtained advice about purchasing a PreK-12 learning center franchise.  They also sought assistance for researching the industry and customer base. 

GradePower Learning opened a year later.  Just before the soft open in April 2016, GradePower Learning received a commercial loan with the help of the SBDC financing consultant, and the Meads put equity cash into the business as well. 

GradePower Learning offers supplemental proprietary curriculum for students, prekindergarten through high school, to help students catch up as well as get ahead academically.  High school students focus on college preparation and filling any learning gaps they may have acquired through years in school.  In just over a year, the business has been able to break even, with steady growth in enrollments via word-of-mouth and networking.

The business is veteran-owned.  Olga served in the U.S. Army, CO National Guard and the U.S. Army Reserves.  Robert served in the U.S. Navy.  Olga Mead is the Center Director for GradePower Learning.  There is one other full-time employee and seven part-time employees who are specialized coaches for the students.  Their next step with GradePower Learning is to provide Spanish and Sign Language classes.  Olga has also recently received additional consulting in obtaining contracts with schools.

Olga and Robert have a passion for helping students in need and thoroughly enjoy enriching students with new cognitive learning skills.  They welcome you to visit their center in the Southlands community of Aurora (