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Loan Request Preview

Need funding? The Aurora-South Metro SBDC can help you prepare for financing. By facilitating the process of finding a loan for your business, the Loan Request Preview (LRP) program does just that. Developed through our relationships with lenders by Aurora and South Metro's business financing consultants, the LRP process saves time for all parties. Lenders get important decision-making information quickly on one page, and you save time in searching for funding sources.

Loan Request Preview Eligibility

If under two years in business:
  • Must be a LEADING EDGE™ graduate from any Colorado SBDC center
  • Must have a completed business plan, including financials
  • Must have basic Excel spreadsheet skills

If two or more years in business:
  • Must have completed business description and financial section of business plan
  • Must attend a basic accounting and recordkeeping workshop or have accounting knowledge
  • Must sign up for free and confidential one-on-one consulting here.


There is no monetary cost associated with this loan request preview. During an initial meeting with an SBDC financial consultant, the consultant will assess your business financial condition by reviewing three years of financial statements and federal income tax returns and benchmarking with your industry. If you're a start-up, the SBDC consultant will assess your readiness, financial literacy, dedication to the LRP process, ability to borrow and the economic feasibility of your business. Finally, you will consolidate your business and personal financial documents into a one-page form provided. The form will be sent to our lending partners anonymously on your behalf, and you'll receive feedback within several days.

Make an appointment today to see if you meet the requirements.  Click here.
Existing SBDC clients may simply call (303) 326-8686 to schedule an appointment.
(Start-ups must have taken two workshops prior to scheduling an appointment.)