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Aurora Business Recognition Awards

The City of Aurora established the Aurora Business Recognition Awards Program over 10 years ago to acknowledge businesses that contribute to the city’s economic vitality. The City of Aurora also selects an Aurora business that demonstrates a commitment to sustainability, energy efficiency, renewable energy, waste diversion, water conservation, and/or social responsibility.

Awardees receive recognition at a celebratory event in early December hosted by the City of Aurora. Thanks to Aurora's Channel 8 and "TheAuroraChannel," you may view video clips of the current awardees.

Apply online below or download a hard copy here. Nominations are accepted year-round.

Business Recognition Application Criteria

A business or service provider must meet one or more of the below criteria and be fully and legally licensed in the city of Aurora. Sustainability nominees must not have any significant environmental violations in the past five years.

  • Proven longevity as a business in Aurora
  • Significant business growth over the prior year
  • Introduction of a unique product or service innovation within their industry during the prior year
  • Exceptional customer service as indicated by their customers
  • Proven contributions enhancements and involvement to the community and/or locally operating charities (examples include school mentoring programs, job/skills training programs, etc)
  • Proven tax generator
  • Be licensed in the City of Aurora and registered with the State of Colorado (if applicable)

SUSTAINABILITY AWARD CRITERIA (in addition to one of the above)
  • Demonstrated commitment to energy efficiency, waste diversion, water conservation, and/or renewable energy
  • Demonstrated commitment to social responsibility
  • Outreach or promotion of sustainable efforts to employees and/or customers
  • Sponsorship of environmentally and socially responsible actions in the community
Sustainability Category Examples:
  • Energy efficient equipment installation; onsite recycling and composting; use of native plants and xeriscaping on grounds; offset energy use with renewable energy
  • Stock or offer environmentally responsible inventory
  • Provide signage on property to educate customers and employees about sustainability efforts
  • Sponsor a neighborhood clean-up effort; host a community farmers’ market


Each of the businesses chosen will receive formal acknowledgement and an award at an annual celebration hosted by the City of Aurora. The honorees will also be acknowledged through a city press release, a video presentation and on the city’s website(s).


Businesses are encouraged to apply for the award by filling out the online nomination form below and to nominate other businesses that meet the guidelines. For further information about this Business Recognition Awards Program, please contact us.


  • Submit online nomination form and any attachments to:

    City of Aurora | Development Services Division
    15151 E. Alameda Pkwy., Suite 2300
    Aurora, CO  80012
    Phone: (303) 739-7052
    Fax: (303) 739-7268

  • Do not submit nominations in bound form of any type, other than clipped/stapled.
  • Address each of the criteria for the award that the company meets.
  • Submissions accepted year-round.
  • Nominations are reviewed after August 31st for a December celebration.


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