6 Business Leaders Tell You How To Sell Them

Friday, October 20, 2017

Ever been pitched by a sales professional who wasn’t very, uh, professional? Often, I’ve had a strong urge to say, “Hold on. If you’d only address this or that, or approach me in another way, I’d probably buy from you.”  Conversely, in a sales role, I’ve too often delivered my presentation without being fully prepared, thus creating the same frustration on the part of some prospects.  If only our potential buyers would tell us flat out how to sell them.  That is the goal of this article. Here’s what seasoned buyers (presidents, CEOs and founders) have to say about it.  Read the rest


How to make a terrible sales call

Friday, July 28, 2017

An interesting article by DON Cooper - Colorado BIZ

Asking an either/or question, rather than a yes/no question, is a big no no.

It happened again.

Yesterday I got a call from a salesperson with a company here in Colorado. She breathlessly told me what she did, mentioned she was going to be in my area and asked me if Tuesday or Wednesday would be better for her to stop by.

That’s it.  No rapport-building, no questions about whether I might actually need what she has, no asking for permission. She just assumed I’d be happy to set aside some of my valuable time for her to make a more detailed sales pitch. As if I sit around my office twiddling my thumbs, wishing a salesperson would stop by to break up the monotony.