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Our Team

All SBDC consultants and staff must undergo a statewide certification process in order to meet with clients and provide consulting services. All team members listed below are certified SBDC consultants.


  • Marcia McGilley

    Marcia McGilley

    Executive Director

  • Andrea Amonick

    Andrea Amonick

    City of Aurora Development Services Manager; Urban Renewal

  • Elena Vasconez

    Elena Vasconez

    Economic & Business Development Supervisor

    economic development, organizational development, bilingual communication

  • Frankie Anderson

    Frankie Anderson

    SBDC Program Coordinator

  • Leslie Epperson

    Leslie Epperson

    Administrative Specialist


  • Cathren Kayce

    Cathren Kayce

    SBDC Consultant

    Marketing Plans, Branding, Inbound and Outbound Marketing, Public Relations, Website and Social Media Strategy, Storytelling and Video Marketing

  • Laurie Womer

    Laurie Womer

    Sr. Small Business Specialist

    Financial Review, Strategic Planning, Buy-Sell Review, Branding and Manufacturing


  • Stefanie Dalgar

    Stefanie Dalgar

    Small Business Consultant

    Marketing, Branding, Public Relations, Social Media, Business Plan Development

  • Lanelle Barnett

    Lanelle Barnett

    Financial Consultant

    Financial Accounting, Tax Planning, Cash Flow, Capital Structure and Start-Up Consulting

  • Neil Pollard

    Neil Pollard

    Small Business Consultant

    Financial Analysis and Projections, Business Planning, Launching and Growing Small Businesses


  • Alicia Cartwright

    Alicia Cartwright

    Arapahoe County Library District, Business Librarian

    Market Research, Industry Information, Business Databases

  • Colbe Galston

    Colbe Galston

    Douglas County Libraries - Business Services, Business Librarian

    Market Research, Industry Information, Business Databases


  • Adriane Sanford

    Adriane Sanford

    Connect2DOT Consultant

    Certifications, CDOT Prequalification/Bidding, Connect2DOT Consulting

  • Robert Smith

    Robert Smith

    Connect2DOT Consultant

    Bidding, Estimating